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Examples of Published Work

I've had many articles published in reputable magazines - here are a few of my favourites:

One Man Race
Australian Geographic Outdoor:

Issue Sep/Oct 2016

In a bid to enjoy the statues of Easter Island in my own unique way,  I organise a trail race around the coastline of the small Pacific island.

The Only Way is Up
Great Walks:

April/May 2104

Embarking on a 10-day Alpine Climbing Course in New Zealand

The Lost World
Outer Edge:

Issue Jun/Jul/Aug 2014

Hiking the flat-topped tepui in remote Venezuela, home of the dinosaurs of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's imagination.

Zero to Hero
Trail Run Mag:

Issue Winter 2014

A race report from Wild Endurance, a 50km trail run. My first ultra-marathon results in a shock win.

List of publications:

Australian Geographic Adventure (Australia)

Australian Geographic (Australia)

Get Lost (Australia)

Travel Africa (UK)

Great Walks (Australia)

Wild (Australia)

Escape (Australia)

Sidetracked (UK)

Adventure Travel (UK)

Climb (UK)

Wilderness (NZ)

The Climber (NZ)

Australian Mountain Bike (Australia)

Outer Edge (Australia)

Trail Run Mag (Australia)

SA Mountain Sport (S. Africa)

Adventure (NZ)

Wejugo (Australia)

Great Australian Outdoors (Australia)

Adventure Journal (US)

Australian Geographic Outdoor (Australia)

We Are Explorers (Australia)

Going Trans Continental
Australian Mountain Bike:

Issue Nov 2012

An interview with Paul Lane, who cycled from Sydney to Perth.

A Fool's Folly
Australian Geographic Outdoor:

Issue Jul/Aug 2014

A pilgrimage up Old Man Fuji, the traditional route.

The Iceman Cometh
Gear Awards 2016
Australian Geographic Outdoor:

Issue May/Jun 2015

An ice climbing course in New Zealand makes me feel like a superhero!

Great Walks:

Issue Feb/Mar 2016

The second edition of GW's Australian Gear Awards features the current best available sleeping bags, mats, poles and jackets.

Breathe Deeply
Get Lost:

Issue 49, July 2016

I get personally lost in the beauty of a little visited valley in the Chilean Lake District. 

Lost in the Jungle

Issue 153, May/June 2016

The jungles of Colombia used to be a very dangerous place. I retrace the steps of a notorious kidnapping of a group of young travellers in 2003.

A Grand Canyon
Travel Africa:

Issue Summer 2015

A hike through Namibia's Fish River Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hills & Headwinds
Australian Geographic Outdoor:

Issue Jan/Feb 2016

A classic cycle tour around New Zealand's South Island brings mixed emotions.

The Long Walk
Australian Geographic Outdoor:

Issue May/June 2017

What started as a walk on a whim morphed into a three and a half year adventure along the Great North Walk.

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