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I'm an author! I currently have two magnificent travel books available via Amazon. Click through to the individual pages below.

There's a third on the way, which should appear here shortly. It's a different style, deeper and more serious. You'll love it. Sign up to my email subscriber list here to ensure you don't miss the launch. :)

You can visit my Amazon Author Page here.

Confirmed dromomaniac Danforth Slater persuades his long-suffering girlfriend to join him on an overland trip from Cairo to Cape Town.


Using only the most dilapidated transport, sleeping in the roughest accommodation, and consuming the cheapest food possible, they ricochet down the continent in a welter of hilarious, scary and character-building experiences.


TINAH cover front - final.jpg

They must be gluttons for punishment: three years after traversing the continent of Africa on a budget that would frighten Oliver Twist, Danforth and Gerda are back on the road, this time through South East Asia.


Having survived the rough n’ tumble of life in Cape Town, the fearless duo are migrating again, this time to Sydney, Australia. The good news is – their daily allowance has skyrocketed to an extravagant $15 a day! Join them, and enjoy their every misfortune.

MOTW Danforth cover2 - front.jpg
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