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Tyres, Trucks & Tarmac: Cycling the South Island


In January of 2015 my mate Paul and I cycled around New Zealand's South Island (you can read about it on the articles page under Hills & Headwinds), and 18 months later I finally completed a film of our adventure. We weren't the first people to do it, or the fastest, but it's never looked like so much fun! This fast-paced short film is a total immersion experience, transporting you right into thick of the action. You'll feel you are right there in the sun & rain, slogging up and coasting down the hills, and above all dealing with the abundance of Tyres, Trucks & Tarmac.

Til Death Us Do...

Not travel related. Instead, a short ghost story my wife and I made to amuse ourselves during the 2020 lockdown, in Sydney, Australia.

Til Death Us Do ... Part II

Being locked down a second time, and for a longer period, in 2021, we naturally decided to make a sequel. This was longer and more ambitious in scope, but still short enough to enjoy with a cup of tea.

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