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Tyres, Trucks & Tarmac: Cycling the South Island


In January of 2015 my mate Paul and I cycled around New Zealand's South Island (you can read about it on the articles page under Hills & Headwinds), and 18 months later I finally completed a film of our adventure. We weren't the first people to do it, or the fastest, but it's never looked like so much fun! This fast-paced short film is a total immersion experience, transporting you right into thick of the action. You'll feel you are right there in the sun & rain, slogging up and coasting down the hills, and above all dealing with the abundance of Tyres, Trucks & Tarmac.

Til Death Do Us...

Not travel related. Instead, a short ghost story my wife and I made to amuse ourselves during the 2020 lockdown, in Sydney, Australia.

Til Death Do Us... Part II

Being locked down a second time, and for a longer period, in 2021, we naturally decided to make a sequel. This was longer and more ambitious in scope, but still short enough to enjoy with a cup of tea.

Til Death Do Us... Part - Forever

The final part of the Til Death trilogy is complete, and it's a real bonkers, brain-pulping, acid trip. It's the perfect end to an extended lockdown experiment, during which I thought many times that the leading lady might defenestrate me. Kubrick wouldn't have lasted five minutes with Gerda.


Trilogies usually diminish in quality as they progress. Til Death is an exception. Return of the Jedi, this is not.

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