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March of the Warmdüschers

March of the Warmdüschers

I'm awaiting the completion of a new print run, but I'll get this to you as soon as is humanly possible!

They must be gluttons for punishment: three years after traversing the continent of Africa on a budget that would frighten Oliver Twist, Dan and Gerda are back on the road, this time the banana pancake trail of South East Asia.


Having survived the rough n’ tumble of life in Cape Town, the fearless duo are migrating again, this time to Sydney, Australia. The good news is – their daily allowance has skyrocketed to an extravagant $15 a day!


Bursting with the folly of middle age, D&G roam the orient armed only with equal doses of travel nous and stinginess. Beaches, brothels, Buddhas and buckets are all encountered to the full in this honest account of one couple’s continuing attempts to experience all the world’s wonders for the price of a Big Mac Meal, without succumbing to the lure of the dreaded warmdüschers.


Join them, and enjoy their every misfortune.

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