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Tyres, Trucks & Tarmac: The premiere

You probably didn't know this, in fact I didn't even know it myself, but I have added another string to my bow. Last night was the world premiere of my debut short film: Tyres, Trucks & Tarmac. Starring myself and my mate Paul, it's a punchy, fun ride-along with the cycle tour of New Zealand's South Island that we did last year (which you can read about here, by the way).

A small housing co-operative near my home is the venue for a monthly talk by and for exciting adventurous folk, called Adventure Time, and I was fortunate enough to be allowed to use last night's event to launch my film on the unsuspecting public. Before the main speaker spoke, I fiddled with the volume settings, nervously introduced my six minute meisterwerk and blasted it at the capacity crowd of 80 or 90.

I gotta tell ya, it wasn't half strange seeing all those people staring at something that I'd created, almost as if they were interested in it. They even laughed in all the right places. Judging from the clap-o-meter at the end they seemed to enjoy the spectacle and I was hauled back up to answer some questions. All in all it seemed to go very well and I was, and am, chuffed to bits to present Tyres, Trucks and Tarmac: Cycling the South Island.


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